The Sollas township in North Uist was formed 100 years ago in 1899. For 50 years from the time of the 'Clearances',and prior to this formation Sollas had been occupied by a succession of tacksmen. Today all the crofts except one are occupied by descendants of the original crofters who settled here a century ago. Many of these original crofters came from Heiskeir. This event was celebrated this year and a memorial site  officially opened in July 1999.
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July 17 1999 North Uist Games - Sollas Machair.

Unveiling of Sollas Plaque 7.00pm

Fred and Cathy

Laclan , Fred Macaulay and Iain Macdonald
Cathy (Vancouver) and Lachlan

Sollas Cairn

Left side

Right side

Unveiling of Grenitote Plaque


July 28 Fishing Competition at Loch,
Walk to Sgurra - Bonfire at 9.30pm

Taigh Sgoile.. Teas and Exhibition 14th July - 11 August (11am to 4pm)

Ongoing photographic exhibition and series of 5 lectures from April to September